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There is no question that the 4th Industrial Revolution is upon us. That it is taking place globally at unpredictably fast rates is common cause. The biggest unknown is the size of the seismic change ahead of us and its impact on the developing world, particularly the African continent. How can an inclusive approach towards technology be implemented?


Furthermore, the 2018 World Economic Forum (WEF) report, The Future of Jobs and Skills in Africa, stated that sub-Saharan Africa has a global share of high-skilled employment of only 6%, in contrast to the global average of 24%. It is forecast that with the impending disruption to jobs and skills brought about by the fourth industrial revolution (4IR).
This is Africa’s time.

The 4th Industrial Revolution is requesting intense technical skills to match the global systems that are created to ensure better living standards worldwide. Africa, being faced with many issues regarding unemployment and changing economic climates through politics are severely affected by the rapid growth of global innovation and development. Although Africa, view South Africa as a beacon of hope for development and opportunities, many gaps still exist. These gaps, such as unemployment can be solved through cutting edge futuristic digital skills. Having adequate levels of education and digitals skills capacity and capability is pivotal in ensuring that Africa maximizes the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR).

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The 4IR Skills for Education 2019 project promotes the 4 A’s, Access, Affordability, Ability & Appetite, the essential ingredients that serves as continental transformation.

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